Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time flies!

Wow, where have I been?? I can't believe my "blogging break" took so long. I did have a change of scenery for awhile but I'm back!!

We're now gearing up for the July Tag Sale.... got to start getting things ready.Here's one of our first projects, plain and simple, that's what we call a chest like this.So many people ask me, "where do you start"... let's talk this week about what we'll do to this chest, step by step, to get it ready to sell. We found this chest at a local "pickin place".It's very sturdy, the back on it is good, drawers are all there!! Step 1: we've cleaned it, vaccumed out the drawers.It is sitting on ready for an overhaul! Come back tomorrow for step 2! 


Ruby Grace's said...

I will tune in to see step 2. I admire you guys that can paint and fix furniture...I pretty much have to buy it ready to sell. Could be that I am just tooooo lazy? Have a great week.

Christie said...

I can't wait to see how this chest transforms! I wish I could come to the tag sale! Janie and JE rave about it!! I scrolled down and saw where you came to the Metrolina Expo in April! I go in Nov. and April and sometimes in between! I'll have to catch up with you sometime! We live just below Charlotte about 20 minutes! Thank you for the update on Janie! Life has been crazy around here and I haven't touched base with her! Can't wait to meet Hayes! Hope you are doing well! Christie

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