Sunday, June 19, 2011

It takes some time.

It takes  time to acquire and prepare inventory for each  Antiques & Uniques quarterly TAG SALE  but so worth it!!We like to have 25-30 pieces of furniture for any given sale. We love gathering treasures, painting furniture and "sprucing and fluffing"! Our motto is: " Unique Treasures for You and Your Home" and that's what you find at our TAG SALE! Here are a few pieces we're getting ready.
!950's solid wood dressing table, painted glossy black, can't wait to put a sweet little chair with this and send it home with a "princess"!

Cute and simple, white child's bookcase. I may paint the back wall of it a color or add some decorative paper to  give it a little punch!

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Ruby Grace's said...

I hope the tag sale went well. I have not been blogging much...having blogging difficulties with the system. I sure hope it is cooler in GA that in TX...we are burning up!
Have a great weekend.

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