Saturday, January 8, 2011

I need blog help!!

I've had several blog visitors recently,  to tell me some of my pictures on this blog are huge! What I see on my computer looks fine but I when I check this  blog via a net book, I understand what they mean. I got come advice , which I appreciated, from a cyber friend ( thanks Christie!)  in the last day or so, took  her advice, changed  the template etc. some of the other advice re: HTML language, I never found on this blog so I couldn't  change it. I need help! Can someone advise me what to do regarding the size of the pictures I post. Tell me what you see??
Thanks! Carol


AntiqueChase said...

I don't see any photos here yet. I upload thru blogger and pic large size (not xlarge)..

Papaw's Girl said...

Hey Carol,
I have the same problem with only my main blog picture (my house picture). I upload through blogger and don't have problems with any other pictures. When you figure out how to fix them, let me know. I would like to fix my main picture.

Anonymous said...

Stopping in to say happy new year!
I hope 2011 is great!

Antiques & Uniques said...

AntiqueChase, I didn't add any photos to this post, I was referring to some of the others on this blog. I always upload phots thru blogger and the size of these photos are small. Still having problems!

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