Friday, September 24, 2010

New Bags Are In!

New shipment of "Mixed Bags" at Antiques & Uniques! We carry several sizes of poly bags that are reusable, wipe-able, recyclable , even a lunch bag size ! What makes ours so "unique"? We personalize them with your initial in vinyl ,in your fav color / font , its all included in the price and the turn around time is 3-4 days!!The shopping/grocery size bags are $12 and the insulated lunch bags are $10! What a deal! These are at the Chickamauga site and soon to be on Williams Street. Order yours soon!! Here are a couple of examples....


Anonymous said...

Great bags! We hope you get tons of orders!



Ruby Grace's said...

Hey Carol, Thanks for staying in touch on our blog...I hope you guys have a GREAT trip to Texas. I will be in Canton on Thursday, let me know if you guys are there on that day and maybe we can meet. Also, my parents are heading to Atlanta this weekend (with my Aunt & Uncle). Do you have any thoughts about fun things for them to do. Mom and my Aunt love antiques (they like more flea market stuff than fancy antiques). They also thought about touring historic homes. Any ideas would be great. Have a great has cooled off just in time for you visit.

Ruby Grace's said...

I am so sorry we missed each other in Canton. It would have been great to meet you. I hope you guys made some wonderful finds and enjoyed the weather.

Stephanie said...

Hi Carol. I think you left me a comment on my blog, southerncharmcottage. I'm so glad you made it to LaurieAnna's new shop! It's incredible isn't it?

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