Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ahhhhhh.... lavender.

Are you a lavender person? I think you either love it or hate it. I love it and it has so many wonderful qualities and smells so nice and clean. We've been selling dried lavender by the scoop and lavender products for the past 6 years. Lavender has been shown to slow the activity of the nervous system. Therefore, lots of people spray their pillows with lavender spray or put a lavender sachet under their pillow to promote relaxation and improve their sleep quality. Many appreciate lavender for its fragrance in soaps, candles and lotions. We carry a wonderful line of lavender products by Sweet Grass, in both shops. The word lavender comes from the Latin root, lavare( to wash) , our best seller is a packet of 3 lavender laundry sachets, you are to throw one in the dryer with your sheets to give a slight scent of lavender to your clean bed clothes.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Lavender sure does have many wonderful qualities.

Eddie & Jaithan

Jan LaFollette said...

Raise lavender, dry lavender and have eaten lavender....I love lavender. Love your blog, thanks for stopping by mine.

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